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target oriented platform for real estate .

Niwas.com.au is a search platform where buying and selling of properties can be customized to suit the needs of all parties involved.

Niwas means a place of residence; a house, block of flats, etc.

Ever wanted to find the right home for you, but found it hard? 

Well now with Niwas.com.au there is no need to worry!  

With this website’s easy and interactive interface designed by professionals in an innovative way, finding your dream home has never been easier or more fun! Alongside its cozy community of different stakeholders related with real estate industry who help promote interaction between buyers and sellers on one platform – 

Niwas.com.au provides a warm environment where users can search through property listings while feeling like they are already at their new place; experiencing that personal touch all along the process from start to finish.

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